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This page lets you download the evaluation version of ZIPKEY, to try out the zip code software for up to 30 days. The data for the evaluation version is one year old; when you purchase ZIPKEY, the data is updated to the current month. Also, the unpacked ASCII database, on sale for $105, is not available in the evaluation version. Otherwise, this evaluation version is the fully-functional ZIPKEY program.

Legal terms. Like most software, ZIPKEY is subject to copyright restrictions, and is licensed, not sold. TARGET="_blank">Click here to read these legal details, including warranty terms and liability limitations.

The complete ZIPKEY evaluation package, with every 5-digit zip code in the United States postal system, is contained in a single self-extracting program file, whose size is about 250K. This is many times smaller than comparable applications of ZIPKEY's complexity. We are fanatical about crafting our programs to be as small and fast as possible, and about compressing our data as much as we can.

The download file is called Zipkey-Eval.EXE. If you have a program that manages your downloads, you will be able to double-click on the Zipkey-Eval entry from within your download manager, when your download is finished. Otherwise, you will be given a "Save File" dialog by your browser -- at that time, you need to make a note of the name of the folder into which the Zipkey-Eval file is being saved. Then, when the download is complete, go to that folder and double-click on Zipkey-Eval to install the zip code software.

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