ZIPKEY Zipcodes   Current version only
  Licensed to 1 computer

Total price: $25        

You can change the following values, to adjust your licensing and update schedule. Click the "Recalculate" button to display the correct price for your changes.

Updates per year:

ZIPKEY's cost is $25 for the current update, licensed for one computer for one year.

Zipcodes and area codes are constantly changing, so ZIPKEY's database is updated every month. Most people update once per year, but many like to keep up-to-date more often. Additional prepaid updates, delivered online, are $15 each. If you license more than one computer, the extra licensing fees will cover one or more extra updates.

Number of computers licensed:

Annual licensing is $25 for one computer, $45 for two, $65 for three, $80 for four, $95 for five, $110 for six, $125 for seven, $140 for eight, plus $10 for each computer beyond the eighth. If you order extra updates per year, the update fees may cover the cost of extra licenses.

Number of years:

The licensing fee for prepaid extra years is discounted 20%.

Unpacked ASCII database

Normally ZIPKEY's data is provided in a tightly-compressed file that only ZIPKEY can understand. If this checkbox is checked, you will be able to export the data as a comma-delimited, ASCII text file. The minimum license for this is $105. You must license all computers that will be accessing the data. The $105 fee includes licensing on up to five computers for one year, with quarterly updates.